As a Realtor you know that selling real estate is a profession that demands you work 24/7.  To be successful it requires dedication to detail, an unwavering commitment to your clients and personal sacrifice.

​When you are working a deal, whether it is after "normal" business hours or during the weekend, wouldn't it be helpful if you knew an attorney who is just as dedicated as you are?


Practicing Real Estate Law since 1981;

Licensed Real Estate Broker & Member of the NAR;

Member of the ISBA Real Estate Section Council;

Certified Mediator;

Published author and speaker.

Contact me and find out how I can become a valuable member of your real estate team.

"By advising a client to obtain experience legal counsel . . . the broker avoids undertaking any unnecessary potential liability for themselves and provides a valuable service to their client."

Steve Bochenek, IAR Chief Legal Counsel

Philip J. Vacco

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